About Us

Hello! My name is Macey and I am an 19 year old macrame artist!

I learned how to macrame in March of 2020, when the quarantine lockdown first began and I had to re-learn how to find new hobbies. At the time, I had a sea of plants in my small bedroom (over 30) and I finally decided to learn how to make some plant hangers! After a quick trip to the craft store (with some low-quality supplies), a few YouTube videos, and a struggle to cut the right amount of cord, I finally made my first three plant hangers that still decorate my home today. 
I immediately fell in love with the process of creating, and got to work experimenting with various plant hangers and wall hangings. Because I had run a family member's shop and Instagram for nearly three years at that point, it seemed obvious to me that I would start my own shop. I then started The Twistery in the form of an Etsy shop and small Instagram account!


It has been over two years since I have started this and it's incredible to see where I've come. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Expanding to my own website
  • Gaining over 12.5K followers on Instagram
  • Moving the business into an art studio in the Arts District of Minneapolis
  • Selling in almost 20 different stores around the country
  • Participating in over 20 art fairs and pop ups around the state

Before the pandemic, my plan was to be a preschool teacher. This hobby turned business has seriously changed my life and I now look into the next years with new plans to be a full time artist. It blows my mind that this has turned out so well and I'm so thankful for every form of support.


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