Product Care

Product Care:

Find care for specific items below! 


- Use a fine tooth comb to straighten fringe 

- It's best to store them by hanging them to keep the fringe from "molding" into a different position

- If combing the fringe doesn't straighten the strands, (very) lightly mist with water, re-comb into desired shape, then let them sit still until dry.

Wall Hangings

- If the wall hanging has combed out tassels, use a fine-tooth comb to lightly brush into place

- After unpacking and hanging, use your fingers to lightly re-organize into their hanging places. You can also lightly shake the wall hanging to help settle the strands.

- These can hang from either a nail or a command strip. They're not usually too heavy, so it's pretty flexible. 



- Wreaths are pretty simple. If your wreath arrives and the fringe looks a little "smooshed," you can use a comb to re-fluff it.

- Wreaths work best either hanging from a nail by the inner circle, poking a nail into one of the looser knots, or by attaching a string to the wreath and hanging the string from a fixture.